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Oct. 28th, 2009 | 01:39 am

The months fly by in my exciting life and I simply forget to update my blog. Because everyone's so interested...

Europe was fabulous. I must move there. Just the little hindrance of learning German. No big, right? I've totally mastered the guttural r, and that's gotta be the hardest thing.

My computer is slowly dying. It now must be plugged in to the wall to work (the battery won't charge) and I have to use a mouse. I'm not paying nearly $400 to fix these two minor problems...it's just annoying.

I've been working way, way too much. When I complained before, I really had no idea. It's like...over 60 hrs/week now, and it's ridiculous. But I do get to buy things...

Jaleh keeps renting this depressing documentaries about disadvantaged children on Netflix. When I say disadvantaged...I mean, well, homeless runaways, or bound for prostitution...I'm not talking growing up on the wrong sides of the tracks in Roseburg disadvantaged. I sit on my leather couch in my condo with crown molding and I feel a little more than guilty.

Any vestige of witticism that I once had is fading rapidly, and along with it my integrity. Why's that, you ask? I recently received my one year pin at Banana Republic. Nuff said.

Is it really nearly 2 am? Hum. Where did the time go?

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